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The Station

Great news regarding my script 'THE STATION

Some may know that in 2019 I was a finalist in a national script writing competition and although I did not win 1st prize, my monologue was put to film and presented to the world.


I used my memories of my childhood, and my naval career to create the monologue that showed a typical sailor writing home to his uncaring mother, begging for a cash injections to further fuel his drinking and womanising ways..

The monologue was written over a few day and then filmed in a studio here in the North East of England. It was then shown to the judges that included Denise Welch, Tim Healy, Jason Cooke and Lindisfarne legend and creator of the scriptwriting completion, Ray Laidlaw

As I say, I did not win 1st prize but to see my script acted out on film was a treat to say the least

So I sat down and wrote 'THE STUDIO'..

THE STUDIO is a sit-com that centres itself around a community radio station and tells the funny and sometimes desperate tale of the presenters, owners and managers as they all struggle to seek fame and fortune.

The Studio has now been selected by a local theatre as their summer play and rehearsal and script reading begin in mid March 2022 with the show hitting the stage in JUNE 2022.

Keep coming back for updates on the show and the date of its showing.

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